Peace in times of Adversity

8 April 2022 | Happiness, Leadership, Personal Development, Positive thinking

“….., Economic Crises, Bush fires, Covid Pandemic, loss of jobs, the war in Ukraine & Russia, the Cost of living, the flooding…."

It feels never-ending! When we finish one problem, we get stuck in another! Life seems to be unfair! I cannot even see a dash of hope! We are constantly in survival mode! Aren’t we supposed to dream, to have goals and aspirations? How can we think positively when everything around us is falling apart?

It is also affecting us on a personal level! I might not have a relationship problem, but most of my friends do! I have trouble with my team at work! Everyone seems unmotivated and stuck! They lost focus and are waiting for things to get better to start planning. I go home, and my kids expect me to be full of energy after a toxic day at work! I show a smile, but deep inside, I need a break! Sometimes, I react brutally, and I just cannot help it! Afterwards, I feel so guilty and try to make it up to them!

I honestly think this situation is starting to affect my physical health! I am visiting the Dr more often! Lately, I realised I am dealing with mild panic attacks!


I am patient by nature… I know tomorrow is going to be a better day! But, I reached a point where I am losing it! Tomorrow is getting worse! It is a vicious circle… I don’t know what to do.I need to break free?”

The story of so many people out there struggling every day too! Life feels like a burden more than a blessing and a curse more than a grace!

Do you have an idea why?

It is because the world is so dependent on results! Everyone attaches their happiness and fulfilment to the number of things they have or the results they are about to achieve!

Everyone is stuck planning as if life was permanent.

What if tomorrow never comes?

Would it be fair to wait for the dream to come true to be happy?

What if we had the chance to be happy today?

What if we learned to appreciate our lives today by living every day as if it were our last?

Wouldn’t life feel better?

Dreams are for Direction. They keep us on track away from distractions. Dreams should never be the source of our contentment because life is a temporary journey!  Along the way, We should celebrate the wins and learn from the failures as they are opportunities to learn. We grow through these challenges and graduate to the next level. Imagine if you had to live a life where you are stuck in Grade 1 just because it is too hard to grow!

Do you see now why you are stuck?

Do you understand that your expectations are the root cause of your feelings?

You might be thinking: “How can I let go of these expectations?”

First of all, you must appreciate the gift of life… You can only do that by loving yourself and taking care of yourself on all levels. What does self-Love mean?

Self-Love is the act of letting yourself Be…

It grows when you stop judging, criticising and blaming yourself for all the past mistakes. You let others be as well without having the urgency to change them. You stop being offended because you know that the opinions of others are a reflection of their reality.

When you treat every day as the last day of your life, You know you are perfect for today, and you don’t need to be better! You improve, but you still enjoy what life puts on your way. You also acknowledge that you have enough for today. You stop focusing on what is missing and appreciate what you have for today. You don’t wait for tomorrow to feel better because it might never come.

You take advantage of the energy you receive every morning, and you invest it in the right place. Think about it this way:

“Every morning, you receive 1000 points of Energy. If you received 1000$, would you give it to people who don’t deserve it? Or would you spend it on the things that help you move further? (Petrol/Phone/health….) You know very well that if you don’t fill your car, you will get stuck in the middle of the road!

So why do you waste your energy on regret, anger and fear instead of investing it in gratitude, peace and belief?

Are you aware of the law of attraction? Do you know that what you focus on grows stronger? Do you know that your results reflect your dominant thoughts? Being sick physically and mentally is a consequence of what you have been exercising for such a long time.

Do you want to break free?

Today, you are in the middle of a fork.

One road goes upward toward your dream. Few people are there, but there are plenty of places for everyone. It is all about abundance, and each one is in control of their journey. They are focused on the dream but enjoying every part of the road. It feels refreshing and bright.

The other road is very similar to where you are right now. It is tight, crowded and suffocating. Everyone is fighting for a spot waiting for someone to provide light and another to widen the limits. It is all about scarcity, blame and competition. 

It is the difference between living inner peace in the middle of adversity and losing inner peace because of adversity.

The choice is yours today!

When you change the way you see the world, the world around you will change. Transformation is contagious. It will affect every area of your life and every person you come across. By living happiness from within, you will set the path for your family, to your workplace, to the community and to the society overall.

Although change is a process, you can feel better starting today by starting with your mindset.

Dima Istambouli

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