My SMILE Method


A Few years back, I hit rock bottom!

I was burnt out in my career as an architect, proving I am a strong career woman!

I was burnt out as a mother proving I am a super mom!

While managing to exceed every expectation, my marriage was falling apart!

I sought help. It was too expensive to afford and too long to commit to!

I took refuge in sharing my thoughts and feelings through quotes.  People related to my writing and asked for help! I recall changing so many lives in a matter of a chat while tears were falling, not being able to help myself! I observed the pattern and came up with a solution.

Moving yourself from where you are (lost, angry, and worried...) to where you want to be (focused, peaceful, and fulfilled... ) is never too late. It takes emotional intelligence as a starting point. Change is quite easy when you know the rules. My job is to expose you to this whole new world through a small door.

The SMILE Method:


  •  SELF-ANALYSIS: Know where I am, explore where I wish to be.
  •  LIFE-ANALYSIS: Learn the facts of life, Accept its reality, and Explore the skills needed for me to be in peace with life.
  • MIND-ANALYSIS: Know my biology, my behavior, my energy, and how they are interrelated. 

Stage 2: TRANSFORMATION through repetition

  • To be aware of where I am. The final destination became the north of my compass.
  • To exercise Selflove, gratitude, and mindfulness. I stopped looking for Validation.
  • To change the behavior that no longer worked for me to serve my purpose.

Stage 3: RESULTS

  • I pursued a career in harmony with my passion.
  • Achieved Balance between personal and professional life.
  • Found internal Peace even in times of uncertainty.
  • Gained Self Confidence.
  • Leading a fearless life. 


  • M for MATURITY

How do I do it?

  1. I put myself in your shoes to understand what you are going through as an individual or as a TEAM.
  2.  You are not another client. You are a partner, because with you I can achieve my purpose of changing the world by touching one heart at a time. I believe in human relationships.
  3.  I feel your fight because I have been there and I know what unrest feels like.. I equip you with all the tools I have, to set you free. I can guide you out of your current state of mind through self-reliance. I make sure you do not have to ask for help again. Your mental health is essential for the TEAM.
  4.  Behavioral change is not a one day task, it is a process. I give you access to my direct messaging because I know that During a transformation, we are in a mental fight between our conscious (creative mind) and subconscious (habitual mind). It is draining and pushes us to give up. This is why my unconditional support will be there for you and for your TEAM.
  5. I am a result-oriented person. This is why I am generous with my time. We are humans and not machines. Each one of us has his own curve of learning. Therefore, my charge is related to the result and not to the time spent. I will never stop a talk or a call because the time is over. I end it when I am no longer needed in that session.
  6.  I have my own concept that is not similar to any school or organization, in content nor in strategy. My methods are always adjusted based on the person or the TEAM needs.
  7.  My background as an architect and project manager has been a plus for me. For 20 years I have been dealing with people from different cultures. I have developed a sense of problem-solving that allows me to quickly find what works best for people.
  8. Being a mother has taught me how to be resilient, determined, hard-working, and caring. I know what it means to give Unconditionally!

The SMILE Method's purpose is to improve the quality of life of individuals on all levels by boosting efficiency, decreasing the percentage of turnovers, and reducing stress levels. 


By contributing to the wellbeing of individuals, we can empower the society as a whole to ensure a better future for generations to come.

It is a no-commitment solution! If you want to know more, let's connect.

Dima Istambouli

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