Modern day Stress and Dis-eases...

10 March 2020 | Happiness, Leadership, Positive thinking

Talking to teenage girls today felt like talking to Me at a younger age. Somehow, I wished I had someone like Me talk to me at that age and save me some troubles.

Are you in a constant panic mode at this moment in life? Are you worried about what is going to happen next and frustrated because you are not in control? Are you in a place where everything seems to be working against you?

I can feel your pain as we are all dealing with the same thing, whether it is the Corona virus or the economical situation... 

No matter what you are dealing with, I invite you to close your eyes NOW for a few minutes, breathe in 10 times and try to live in this very moment, one day at a time.

Every single morning, I am intentionally mindful since I realized some time back that a happy life is a life spent one day at a time.

Life is too short to spend it worrying...

Adopting a perception of fear will only lead you to an increase of cortisol, a stress hormone that is responsible for the shutdown of your immune system and the stop of your growth.

However, by adopting a positive attitude through a perception of love, you will boost your immunity to overcome any health issue. 

You might ask: "how can I be positive when I have to face one challenge after the other?"

Our life is like a running river where water represents us. We can choose to be the fresh unstoppable water that always finds a way to move forward. Obstacles will come along the way, one after the other, to force you to change direction for a better outcome. Or we can decide to give up and be the stagnant water of a pond, where we stick to our comfort zone and end up living a dead life.

Choose to live the moment.

Choose a life of gratitude.

Focus on what you have and forget about what you miss.

This is when your positive vibes will allow you to be in synchronization with the good things in life. You will move into a life of miracles where you can attract abundance when everything around you is reflecting scarcity.

Dima Istambouli

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