How can we Move Forward in the middle of Chaos?


Chaos initiates a feeling of distress, leading us to complain, and blame. It practically leads to a state of mind of getting stuck—the result: Manifesting the same problems repeatedly. 

One day, a wise man decided to teach his tribe a lesson after coming to him in despair. He told them a joke; they all laughed from the bottom of their hearts.

After a few minutes, he repeated the joke. Only a few of them smiled.

After the third time, no one laughed or smiled.

The wise man's wish was fulfilled! "A good joke will make you laugh the most when you first hear it?" he said. "So why do you keep crying about the same problem?"

Isn't it the reality?

"Getting stuck" is the trend nowadays. Everything around us seems to be working against us. We overcome one challenge to find ourselves stuck in another one. The more we try to understand WHY this is happening to us, the more we get stuck.

What is the solution?

First, Let me remind you that this life is temporary. It is a journey. Ups and downs are part of it. Through struggles, we stretch our comfort zone to move forward. That stretching is a sign of growth, precisely like the pain we have when exercising in the gym to build our muscles. We do not mind that sort of pain because it is intentional.

Life functions the same way beyond our awareness. To move forward, we must grow. And to grow, we must take the risk which brings with it unsettlement. It is only when we achieve our goals that we acknowledge the reasons why the process was painful.

Raising our awareness is half of the solution. Mindfulness plays a crucial role in becoming aware. Living every second as if it was your last will allow you to savor the meaning of life. 

"Every struggle comes with its equivalent advantage." James Allen

Are you stressed?

Do you feel pain?

Do you want to break free?

Then WAIT... Good things will come your way only when you open the door.

The door will be open when you declutter your mind.

You will declutter your mind when you get organized.

You get organized when you know your priorities.

You will discover your priorities when you acknowledge your roles.

You excel in your roles when you sharpen the saw...

After all, you are not a machine... you are a human being in need of care and nurture. What are you doing today to sustain that human... 

Are your basic needs met?

Are you aware of your values?

Does your behavior match your values? 

Self-development is not a one-day task. It is a process... It is about knowing where you are heading. Direction is your compass, and values are the vehicle.

To move forward in the middle of Chaos, you need to set the destination... you need to uncover your mission to live in peace and make a difference along the way...

It is never too late... the journey of a thousand miles starts with only one step...

Dima Istambouli

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